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No blockchain background? No problem

Do not worry. With our cutting-edge drag-n-drop interface you can set up your IoT network at nearly no time and support Blockchain without any prior knowledge. Try out and find...

Deploy faster

Blochainize your IoT network at ease

You do not need expensive custom consultancy to integrate Blockchain in your IoT infrastructure. With AirTrace technology you can easily manage and monitor your IoT devices with all the benefits of Blockchain technology.


Select your IoT devices from our large database and enable blockchain at a glance


Benefit from AirTrace's Distributed Oracle System, and maximize data reliability (soon).


Decide how you want to inject your data, via RESTFUL API or using MQTT technology (soon)


Thanks to our API, integrate your IoT network processes, saving time and costs


Generate automatic audits of all your IoT readings at once, without effort (soon).


With our anomaly detection system, enjoy your time, zero issues (soon).

With AirTrace, you can blockchainize any IoT sensor benefiting from all the capabilities of this technology without any previous background, and with the support of AirTrace's team of experts.

Juan Bautista

CEO at AirTrace

We must know what consumers want, not what they say they want or what we think they should want

Jesús Caicedo

CBO at AirTrace


Helpful Resources

With AirTrace Academy, you will find plenty of resources to help you make perfect use of the platform. Tutorials, webinars, articles... all is there for you.

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